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Anh-Thuy Nguyen

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  Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for The Arts, Nebraska city, NE


Nov 9, 2012

I spent my first in-house concert tonight at Whispering Pines Beds & Breakfast, a 130-year-old Victorian home located in Nebraska city, NE. The type of house I saw in miniature store when I started my petite houses series back in 2010 (Please look this up in my photography portfolio if you have not seen them)

Jeanna is the best for being so welcoming, and makes this place so hommie (),. I adore the wall paper. heheh

IN-house concert with Alex Wand, Amy Schmidt, and Duo Orion Walsh, from experimental folk music to indie follk, my soul can't be more please. Music that gives you a chill, similar to the feeling you get when you drink a fresh-squeeze orange juice.

Look them up and check out their music.

Alex Wand, make me think of M. Ward when listening to Krishna Consciousness,

Amy Schmidt

Duo Orion Walsh, you better listen to his music,

What I learn today is being honest to who you are .



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