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4 x 4 : Four Artists Four Curators, 2021               Tucson Museum of Art

Boat Journey series                                               four leather boats, four dye-sublimation prints (24"x24" each)

Thuy & Sand                                                          one-channel HD video with sound, three dye-sublimation prints (24"x36" each)

Thuy & Rice                                                           one archival print mounted on dibond (24"x36"),

                                                                               66" x 118" adhesive photo vinyl, uncooked jasmine rice on pedestal 

Thuy & T.                                                                one-channel HD video with sound, one platinum/palladium print, two photograms                                                                                  one vertical archival prints mounted on dibond (39"x17")                                                                                                                          one vertical triptych archival print mounted on dibond (13"x20" each)


4×4 presents four solo shows, making up one large exhibition, by four preeminent Southern Arizona artists selected by four TMA curators. Influenced by their personal experiences, politics of space, and social issues of our time, these artists contribute to the region’s unique artistic landscape. Willie J. Bonner creates an extended dialogue regarding the culture of African American people both historically and in contemporary society; Nazafarin Lotfi explores the spatial and temporal experience of bodies out of place and belonging; Alejandro Macias considers his Mexican-American identity and the current socio-political climate; and Anh-Thuy Nguyen investigates conflicting emotions and thoughts about existing between two cultures–Vietnamese and American. Through these distinct bodies of work and media exploration, including painting, sculpture, photography, video, and drawing, they remind us that there is no collective experience of life in contemporary society. Instead, the range of human conditions is varied, nuanced and individual.

Photo credits: Julius Schlosburg

Visit Thuy &  page to view details of above projects.

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