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Citizenship Project    Multi-media
Civics Questions, serigraphs
ID Cards, plastic and dye-sublimation prints
Homework, three-channel HD video with sound

Citizenship Project is multi-media installation, expanding my interest to screen prints and graphic design alongside with my primary approaches: photography, video, performance, and installation art. The project is built upon my fascination of pass/fail measurements applied in the American system. Who will pass the oral interview and who will fail it? The US-born citizens or the immigrants? Does remembering answers for 100 questions earn you US citizen status? Does speaking English qualify one to gain full membership in America?

The performance-installation includes 2 mock-up USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigrant Services) officers. Participants are invited to have their photographs taken and take civics tests to "gain" pass/fail citizenship status.

Visit EXHIBITION page for the project's installment.

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