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Museum As Sanctuary, 2013-2015    Tucson Museum of Art  

Cultural TRANSLATION                                                       one-channel HD video with sound

Kite Project                                                                          acrylic, crayon, graphite, marker, paper, plastic string, and wood

In 2013 I started my collaboration with the Hopi Foundation's Owl & Panther and Tucson Museum of Art’s Educational program Museum as Sanctuary to work with refugee families and asylees through art making and community events.


For Kite Project, I facilitated a workshop to create handmade paper kites, on which participants would write down their wishes; wishes that could heal their wounds from the past and usher them to the future, wishes that filled with positive changes and freedom. A part of Kite Project were displayed as a centerpiece at Museum As Sanctuary: Perspectives of Resilience exhibition at the Tucson Museum of Art from July 2015 to January 2016.

Cultural TRANSLATION is video piece created from our visit to the Tohono O’odham National Cultural Center & Museum. Regardless of our differences, there are still similar cultural values and beliefs that bring us together to celebrate our beings.


Visit this link to view an interview of Owl & Panther's program manager, Marge Pellegrino.

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