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 As a Vietnamese-American artist, my primary artistic source material for the last decade has been my personal history and experiences as a female immigrant. Through my artmaking, I investigate my cultural and identity as well as my migration story through photography, video, installation and performance art. I received a BFA in Photography from the University of Arizona and an MFA in Photography/ Video from Southern Methodist University. I have exhibited and taught photography, painting, linoleum, performance art, and concept-driven workshops nationally and internationally. My works are in permanent collections of Amarillo Museum of Art, Tucson Museum of Art, Center for Photography at Woodstock among others. I was recently awarded the 2023 Second Sight award from Medium Photo and my work is on the front cover of Southwest Contemporary Magazine vol 6 recently published this August. I live and work in Tucson, Arizona, where I am the head of the photography program at Pima Community College

Anh-Thuy's CV

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