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Thuy & T.  one-channel HD video with sound, TRT 00:07:07,
                             four archival pigment prints mounted on dibond, two photorams, and a palladium print

This project is a way for me to visualize the internal struggle of existing between two cultures, Vietnamese and American. However, quickly the piece took on a new meaning and urgency as it was created during a new wave of anti-Asian hate rippling across the United States in March 2021. Being an Asian immigrant, must I be prepared to protect and fight for myself each time I leave my home? These performative acts have become daunting as I find myself outburst my frustration, anger, pain, and sadness towards the experiences of being immigrant, of being Asian and of being of Asian descent in the USA.


Visit this project's installment at Tucson Museum of Art exhibition page.

This project is made possible by the New Artist Grants funded by the Art Foundations for Tucson and Southern Arizona.

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